Get ready to help

You can help your community in a crisis.

The community reserve volunteer program is a new volunteering opportunity allowing you to make a difference during a flood, fire or any other major emergency near you. Sign up today and take the first step towards being prepared in a crisis.

We have been working with Aviva since 2017 to develop a network of people across the UK who are ready to make a difference during an emergency in their local community.

Watch the video above and check out our FAQ’s for more information about becoming a community reserve volunteer.

Anyone can become a community reserve volunteer; no specialist skills are required and quick training is provided at the scene. You just need to meet the criteria below.

  • I am 18 or above
  • I have watched the video above
  • I understand I will be called upon in a crisis
  • I understand I will only be asked to help in my local community.