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Thank you for signing up as a community reserve volunteer.

With the coronavirus outbreak causing uncertainty right now, we really appreciate your support.

We are working closely with local authorities, the UK government and other organisations to find out where your support is most needed. We may not need you immediately, but when we do, we’ll be in touch, either by email or text message. In the meantime, please click here to view the Volunteer Handbook with general information about the role of a community reserve volunteer.

Safe volunteering and training

We have a short online training course which has information on how to keep yourself safe if you are asked to volunteer, available here .

Thank you

The British Red Cross is committed to helping people in crisis whoever and wherever they are. You are now a key part of this mission. By signing up to volunteer, you have joined a worldwide movement of people working hard to help others. To find out more about the work of the British Red Cross and the wider Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, click here .

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The British Red Cross is committed to privacy and will use personal data for the purpose it was collected or other legitimate purposes we tell you about: for example, to provide goods, services or information you have requested or to administer donations or services we provide. We may also analyse data we collect to better understand the people who support us or those who use or deliver our services. Sometimes this means us combining that data with information from reliable public sources. Our research allows us to tailor communications and services in a more focused and cost effective way, as well as better meeting your needs and the needs of others like you. However, we will never do this in a way that intrudes on personal privacy and will not use your data for a purpose that conflicts with previously expressed privacy preferences. For full details about how we use personal data, our legal basis for doing so and your privacy rights, please see our Privacy Notice.

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The British Red Cross is committed to working with communities to make them stronger and more resilient.

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