Tackling COVID-19 with kindness

During times of uncertainty, it can be quite easy to become anxious or feel isolated. As Community Reserve Volunteers, being deployed at times of crisis provides essential help to local communities but that’s not the only way they can support.

In these difficult days, it’s more important than ever to be kind to ourselves and to each other, and to protect people in our society. Small acts of kindness can go a very long way.

Here are 4 KIND things you can do to help your community:

…if you are safe and well:

  • Keep in touch regularly with family, friends and neighbours – a quick chat on the phone or via social media will raise their spirits and yours.
  • If you can, be the eyes and ears of your community (but keep that social distance!) by checking on people who may be vulnerable or isolated, finding out what they might need – can you pick up shopping or medicines safely and leave them where they can access them?
  • No one needs trolley loads of toilet roll! Only buy what you need so that there is enough for everyone, especially those who can’t afford to buy ahead.
  • Do look after yourself – eating, sleeping and exercising safely (even indoors!) will help keep you well and more able to support others.


The kindness of our volunteer community extends across the country, no special skills are required to become a volunteer and the support is essential to the British Red Cross.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up to become a community reserve volunteer. The initiative, which is funded by Aviva, has already seen over 20,000 people sign up to support their community during a crisis.